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Access for All

Oswestry & District Access Group is currently campaigning to make Oswestry one of the most accessible towns in Shropshire. The campaign entitled "Access for All" is planned to run until at least the end of 2012.

The main intention behind the campaign is to ensure improved customer service for all citizens of Oswestry and make Oswestry a more prosperous town. In addition, the Access Group would like to see an increase to the number of shops accessible by people with disabilities. Currently, access issues are addressed by approximately 200 shops and our goal is to ensure that every shop in Oswestry, where it is practical, can be accessed by all.

The Guildhall on Bailey Head

The Disability Discrimination Act has made huge strides in improving the lives of people with disabilities by tightening up planning regulations for new properties. This has meant that modern shop buildings such as M&S, Homebase, Carpetrite and Halfords are easily accessible. However, unfortunately the Act has been far less effective in connection with existing property and this means that the onus is on the individual experiencing access diificulties to take action.

The campaign specifically aims to improve access to shops and businesses, the public highways and byways, signage, disabled parking, disabled toilets and services provided in shops and businesses.

Would you consider helping us?

If you are resident of Oswestry

You could let us know of any shop or premises that you would visit regularly if you could gain access.

Advise us of any difficulties you have relating to Access.

If you manage or work in a shop or local business

Would you consider adopting a customer service code to ensure all of your customers receive a high standard of service?

Consider making efforts to ensure your premises are more accessible?

Seek professional advice relating to making your shop accessible?
i.e. contacting Centre for Accessible Environments www.cae.org.uk

If you support our campaign

We would welcome your input on any access issues you may have such as...

...regarding parking, pavements and crossings, public and community transport, toilets and baby changing facilities, signage on the streets or pricing in the shops, the display height of essential goods and services, and the lack of level or ramped access into specific shops, business premises, and public buildings.